Rose McGowan attacks Hillary Clinton over ties to ‘monster’ Harvey Weinstein

Roisin O'Connor
Rose McGowan attends the Vivienne Westwood show as part of the Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2018/2019 on March 3, 2018 in Paris, France: Getty Images

Rose McGowan has lashed out at Hillary Clinton over a report that Ronan Farrow’s investigation into Harvey Weinstein was a “concern” for the Clinton camp.

The actor was one of the first to come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against the disgraced producer, and a lead campaigner for the #MeToo movement. Weinstein has denied all allegations of non-consensual sex.

“I knew that Hillary Clinton’s people, were protecting the Monster,” McGowan wrote on Twitter, referring to Weinstein. “I can’t believe I used to support her. I guess predators are her style.”

The last remark in McGowan’s tweet appeared to also apply to former US president Bill Clinton, to whom McGowan referred in a separate message.

“Hillary Clinton, did you have any concern for your husband’s victims? And what about HW victims? No? Didn’t think so,” McGowan wrote.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Farrow writes in his new book Catch and Kill that Clinton publicist Nick Merrill contacted him after he attempted to secure an interview with her as part of his work on a foreign policy book.

At the time, Farrow was also working on his Pulitzer Prize-winning story about Weinstein for the New Yorker, which was published in 2018.

Merrill apparently told Farrow the “big story” he was working on was a “concern for us”. Farrow writes that Weinstein leveraged his relationship with Clinton as a means of applying pressure on him.

Weinstein also reportedly contacted NBC and even Farrow’s father, Woody Allen, to try to keep the story from being published.

However, Merrill tweeted to suggest Weinstein may have misrepresented his leverage over the Clinton camp, in a similar way to how he would claim to have intimate relationships with Hollywood stars in order to impress aspiring actors.

“I genuinely respect Ronan’s work, but have no idea what Weinstein was saying to people to save himself. What I do know is simple: I’d already rejected a Weinstein Co proposed doc about the election before talking to Ronan. If HW misrepresented facts, it wouldn’t be the 1st time.”

Weinstein’s trial on rape charges is scheduled for January and will take place in New York.

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