Rose's property owner instructed to address issues at retailer

Nov. 20—ALBANY — A representative of the Rose's Department Store here said that when he stopped paying rent on the retail establishment because numerous repairs the company had sought on the 1620 E Oglethorpe Blvd building went unheeded, he finally heard from the owner of the property.

City of Albany Code Enforcement officer Nathaniel Norman said the Rose's representative shared the contact information with Norman's office, allowing Code Enforcement to make contact with the property owner about the reported issues.

A report by Norman to City Manager Steven Carter outlines the issues associated with the Rose's retailer and other suites in the Rose's Plaza.

Among the issues Norman said in his report that the property owner plans to address are:

— Three nonfunctioning air compressor units in the plaza have been ordered and are supposed to be installed soon;

— S&S Roofing of Albany is contracted to repair the leaking roof in the plaza and is scheduled to start work on the job Monday;

— Damaged ceiling tiles inside stores in the plaza are to be replaced by the owner;

— The owner is seeking a contractor to repair potholes in the plaza parking lot.

Norman also said a letter outlining violations on the property has been sent to the owner with an order that the owner submit a plan of action to attend to the issues within 30 days.

Another issue concerning the parking of a public school bus in the Rose's Plaza parking lot is being addressed as well. The Dougherty County School System's director of transportation said the driver had been granted permission to park there, but that the school system will end that practice by Wednesday.

A number of residents in east Albany have complained about the condition of the shopping center to city officials, including Ward I Commissioner Jon Howard. Carter instructed Norman's department to look into the matter.