Roseville considers higher fines for illegal fireworks use

(FOX40.COM) — The Roseville City Council is considering a new fine structure regarding the use of illegal fireworks in the city after the council requested city staff to increase enforcement.

In recent years, cities and counties in the Sacramento area have been working to reduce the usage of illegal fireworks by fining offenders and homeowners.

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Under the existing Roseville municipal code regarding the use of illegal fireworks, first-time offenders pay a $100 fine, two-time offenders pay a $200 fine and three-time offenders pay a $300 fine.

The council is looking at three options presented by staff to create enhanced deterrence of the use of illegal fireworks in the City of Roseville.

One of those options is to leave the municipal codes as is.

The option recommended by staff would include:
• Increasing the first-time offense fine to $750 and have all proceeding offenses have a fine of $1,000
• Removal of a violation cap at an infraction for anyone found with 25 pounds or less of fireworks and instead have the violation cited as a misdemeanor.
• Amount to be paid for cost of law enforcement response along with the cost of the fine.

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A second option for the council includes all of the above-mentioned options along with:
• Implement a “Host” ban that “punishes the property owner who knowingly allows someone to violate our ordinance on their property.”

The council did not decide on any of the options as city staff was presenting them for the first time.

The council will decide on the enforcement against illegal fireworks at a future meeting.

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