Roseville's Tamia Ugass Excited To Play And Learn At LSU

As they prepare to play in a semi-final game Tuesday, their standout player, Tamia Ugass has even bigger aspirations, Norman Seawright III reports (1:34). WCCO 4 News At 6 - March 22, 2021

Video Transcript

- Roseville's girls' basketball team is looking to get into this year's state tournament.

- As they get ready for a big playoff game, their standout player, Tamia Ugass, has even bigger aspirations. WCCO's Norman Seawright shows us how basketball's helping her see what's possible in life.

TAMIA UGASS: I think we just have to stay humble and just focus on our mission, play one game at a time, and just keep going.

NORMAN SEAWRIGHT III: Tamia Ugass is a skilled yet unassuming basketball player. You wouldn't know she's a first generation Somali American.

TAMIA UGASS: It was kind of rough because we were moving a lot, and I had to learn how to separate my home life and my school life. So no one really knew what was going on. But my mother tried her best to support us.

NORMAN SEAWRIGHT III: She found basketball as an outlet.

TAMIA UGASS: At first, I didn't really understand what I was doing, but then people came along and helped me and started to teach me how to have goals in life and stuff. So basketball has been a good way, a good system for me.

NORMAN SEAWRIGHT III: That's an understatement. She's committed to play at LSU.

TAMIA UGASS: Everything they said to me is what I wanted, and I felt like it's a great place for me. I've always wanted to travel.

NORMAN SEAWRIGHT III: Life taught her versatility, and that showed up in her game.

TAMIA UGASS: I think they liked that I was flexible, I can play inside and out, and that I have good vision, but also that I'm willing to play whatever position they want me to.

NORMAN SEAWRIGHT III: She's excited to head south, not just to play, but to learn.

TAMIA UGASS: It's an honor and I take it every single day, and I appreciate it.

NORMAN SEAWRIGHT III: Norman Seawright, WCCO 4 Sports.

- Roseville will host Spring Lake Park tomorrow. If they win, they'll play for the section 5 championship.