Rossen Reports - Gas Rewards 07.26.2022

We’re on track to see the national average gas price keep falling but don’t get too comfortable. The gas market is volatile. Experts say one hurricane or one minor disruption could send those prices skyrocketing back up. No matter what the price per gallon is, you’re still leaving money on the table every time you go to the gas station. We’re comparing gas loyalty rewards programs to see just how much money they can save you. Spoiler alert…if you’re not a part of a loyalty program…you’re missing out! Shell: “Shell Fuel Rewards” has a two-tiered system: Silver Status and Gold Status. When you’re Silver Status, you save 3 cents per gallon on gas. Gold Status members save 5 cents per gallon. When you sign up for the free program, you are instantly awarded Gold Status for the first six months of membership. To maintain it, you need to fill up your tank at least 6 times during your 3-month qualification period. That's only two times per month. Shell takes it a step further with a ton of