Royal insider: Prince Harry has better communication with King Charles but rarely speaks to William

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A royal expert has offered an update on the prickly relationship dynamics between Prince Harry, his father King Charles and brother Prince William ahead of the May 6 coronation.

Bestselling author Omid Scobie dished the dirt about the Duke of Sussex’s status during a Wednesday TV appearance on Britain’s “This Morning.”

“Obviously [the coronation] is the first time [Prince Harry] sees his family face-to-face since the release of ‘Spare,’’ he said, referring to the runaway royal’s bestselling tell-all memoir. “But I don’t think people know there has been a somewhat regular pattern of conversation between him and his father since the release of that book.”

“Now, have they discussed the details and the points that he wanted to go into? From what I hear, no,” Scobie continued. “But he has had contact with his dad.”

However, when it comes to his only brother, the royal siblings are still at odds.

“There has been minimal contact [with the Prince of Wales] since the queen’s funeral,” Scobie shared, referring to Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral in September 2022.

The author of “Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan” has reportedly traveled extensively with Harry, Meghan, William and Kate on their engagements around the world and has served as ABC News’s Royal Contributor and Royal Editor at Large for

During the segment, the royal insider debunked scuttlebutt that Prince Harry wouldn’t show up for his father’s big day.

“There was never any question about whether he would want to come or not, it was a question at one point whether he would be invited or not,” he shared. “The Sussexes had to wait for some time to really get that confirmation that they were 100% welcomed at this event.”

“Ultimately he is fifth in line to the throne, he is a Councillor of State,” Scobie furthered. “There is a serious constitutional reason for him to be here and he takes that seriously, even though he’s not a working member of the royal family.”

“Despite the pain that he has experienced from his own family, he still cares for them,” the insider added. “I don’t think he would want to look back and regret not being there for that moment.”