Royals gather before Harry and Meghan bow out from official roles

Britain's senior royals met to celebrate Commonwealth Day on Monday for what is likely to be their last family gathering before Prince Harry and Meghan embark on their new lives.

The annual event, held at London's Westminster Abbey, brought the family together for the first time in public since the couple thrashed out an exit deal from their royal roles back in January.

The agreement comes into action at the end of the month, after which the Duke and Duchess of Sussex plan to carve out "a progressive new role" that they aim to finance themselves while largely based in North America.

Harry and Meghan will stop using their 'His or Her Royal Highness' titles and will not use "royal" in their branding.

Harry will also relinquish his military titles but he'll remain a prince.

The revelation that the pair wished to step back from some of their duties sent shockwaves through the monarchy.

It led to crisis talks involving Harry's grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, which concluded that he and Meghan would have to give up their royal responsibilities.

The couple have spent most of their time since in Canada but returned at the start of the month for a farewell round of engagements.

Monday's Commonwealth event is expected to be their last official appearance, with no certainty about when the royal family will next be seen together.

But it's unlikely to be the last we see of Meghan and Harry as they carve out their new careers.