Royals share memories of Prince Philip

Members of the Royal Family have attended church, with Prince Andrew saying that the Queen felt an 'immense void' without Prince Philip.

Video Transcript

RHIANNON MILLS: At moments like this, it can be important to talk. Outside church on the Windsor estate, the Duke of Edinburgh's daughter-in-law Sophie shared details of his final moments.

- It was so gentle. It was just like somebody took him by the hand and then he went.

- Oh, wow. Very, very peaceful, and that's all you want for somebody, isn't it?

- Absolutely.

RHIANNON MILLS: The Count of Wessex, Prince Edward, and daughter Lady Louise had joined the Duke of York for the Sunday morning service. Prince Andrew describing how the queen is coping.

- I feel very sorry and supportive of my mother, who's feeling it, I think, probably more than everybody else. She described his passing as a miracle. And she's-- contemplating I think is the way that I would put it there-- she described it as having left a huge void.

RHIANNON MILLS: It's the first time that he's spoken since he stepped away from royal duties-- so telling to hear him talk about Prince Philip's unwavering support.

- I loved him as a father. He was so calm. If you had a problem, he would think about it. And that's the great thing that I always think about is that he was somebody you could go to and he would always listen. And so it's a great loss. I think either way I would put it as that we've lost almost the grandfather of the nation.

- He used to give you lot a hard time. He'd go, there's a horse that shouldn't be there.

RHIANNON MILLS: Talking to staff who work on the estate, the family swap stories of what a character he'd been.

- He [? would ?] [? go ?] driving around here on a regular basis. But he'd go to places that, you know, were quite, you know, all over the place. And so we're just talking--

RHIANNON MILLS: Pulled out of a few ditches here, I seem to remember, as well.

- Oh, well, in the early days, yes, he used to have a few problems.

RHIANNON MILLS: No, no, quite more recently, too.

- The tributes have been just fantastic, and that's really, really important. And we really do appreciate it.

RHIANNON MILLS: Last year, the queen and Prince Philip posed outside of the same church for Princess Beatrice's wedding. Now, ahead of his funeral, Windsor continues to be the focus for tributes.

It is incredibly rare to hear members of the royal family speaking this personally. And I think one of the reasons they are is because they can't come out and see for themselves the flowers that people are bringing. But they do want to acknowledge just how much it means to them and also how they've been lifted by hearing those memories of Prince Philip, some that they've never even heard before.

It is understood the queen attended mass privately inside the castle. In difficult times, the nation often turns to her for support. Now Her Majesty and her family are finding comfort from the public as they face this moment of enormous change. Rhiannon Mills, "Sky News" at Windsor Castle.