RS Recommends: This $180 All-in-One Turntable Has Bluetooth and a Built-In Speaker

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1-BY-ONE-High-Fidelity-Belt-Drive-Turntable-with-Built-in-Speakers - Credit: Amazon
1-BY-ONE-High-Fidelity-Belt-Drive-Turntable-with-Built-in-Speakers - Credit: Amazon

One of the biggest barriers to setting up a home audio system that includes a record player is finding the space for all of the components. Turntables, stereo receivers, and speakers take up a lot more room than a smartphone and Bluetooth headphones.

If you’ve run into this issue, we recommend checking out 1-by-One’s Turntable with Built-in Speakers, which is currently $40 off on Amazon. This all-in-one audio system combines a turntable, receiver, and speaker into an ultra-compact package designed to fit in any entertainment center.

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The turntable allows you to play 33 and 45RPM records, and comes with an Audio-Technica cartridge, which guarantees you’ll get great sound from your records. This is an automatic record player, so the tone arm will drop onto the beginning of your album when you hit the “start” button. The tone arm will also lift itself at the end of each side to avoid damaging your stylus.

1-by-One’s record player sits on top of a stereo speaker that makes it easy to listen to more than just vinyl. You’ll also be able to play digital music by connecting a device to its AUX ports, or pairing it over Bluetooth. If you plan on setting up a record player in a common area (think living room), it’s convenient to have one audio system that can handle every situation.

This all-in-one audio system weighs just over 13 pounds, which is lighter than a standalone turntable plus powered speaker. It’s also far easier to move from one room to another, or even different shelves in a media console.

1-by-One’s High Fidelity Belt Drive Turntable with Built-in Speakers is normally $220, but it can be had for just $180 if you shop on Amazon right now. This is an excellent deal if you’re shopping for yourself, and would make a wonderful gift if you know someone who’s just getting into vinyl.

Buy: 1-by-One Turntable With Speakers $179.99

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