RS Recommends: The Best Travel Pillows for Long Flights

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We know that pillows can make or break a good night’s sleep. Once you’ve found the best pillows for your home, you won’t want to go back to experiencing discomfort – especially when you’re traveling and a little pain can sour the mood of your whole trip. A high-quality travel pillow will leave you feeling comfortable and rested, even if you’re taking your nap in a car, plane, or train.

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What Are the Best Travel Pillows?

There are a number of factors to consider when shopping for the best travel pillows online. Here’s what you need to know.

Comfort: The goal of a good travel pillow is to prevent neck pain. To do that, the pillow has to be designed in a way that either prevents your head from falling forward or supports your chin in the case that it does. Otherwise, you’ll strain your neck and feel that familiar, post-airplane nap stiffness.

Flexibility: Of course, not everyone gets comfortable in the same position. If you tend to lean on your side or find yourself constantly making adjustments, then you’ll want a travel pillow that can be flexible, too, like bendable roll pillows or traditional bed pillows that you can roll-up. Some travel pillows can be used to support other parts of your body, too, such as your back or spine. If you experience significant discomfort when you travel, something that meets versatile needs may be the best travel pillow for you.

Whether you’re catching an overnight flight or boarding a bus, these top-rated travel pillows will help you get closer to the quality of rest you’ve come to appreciate at home.

1. MLVOC Travel Pillow

There's a good reason why this travel pillow is one of the most popular picks online: It's made of premium, super comfortable memory foam and the shape of its design helps prevent neck pain from occurring when you try to get some shut-eye while travelling.

Oftentimes, our heads will fall forward when we sleep on a plane or in a car, but the curves of this pillow prevent that from happening. It's a great value for your money, too. In addition to the neck pillow, you also get a contoured eye mask, earplugs, and a travel bag included with this set.

best travel pillow
best travel pillow

MLVOC Travel Pillow

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2. Dot&Dot Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Depending on how you sleep, you may need a pillow that can adjust its shape to fit your positioning. If you're a side sleeper, for example, you'll want this bendable, twistable memory foam travel pillow.

You can wrap the travel pillow around your neck and use it traditionally, or you can twist it so that you can sleep more on your side. We also love this travel pillow because it can help you bring comfort to other parts of your body, too. You can use it to support your shoulders, back, and cervical spine whether you're sitting or napping, keeping you propped up and aligned while you rest.

best travel pillows
best travel pillows

Dot&Dot Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow

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3. ALKAMTO Travel Memory Foam Pillow

When we think about travel pillows, usually only one image comes to mind: the curved neck pillows that are for sale in every airport terminal. However, there's no rule saying you can't use a traditional pillow.

This memory foam pillow from Alkamto measures 15.7 by 9.85 by 3.9 inches - a little smaller than the pillows in your bedroom - but can roll up into an included compact carrying bag so that you can take it with you on the go. When you unroll the pillow, it "fluffs" up in seconds into a full-size, traditional-style pillow.

A bonus: this set includes a temperature-regulating pillow case to help wick sweat and moisture away from your body and face. It might just turn you into one of those people who sleep well on flights.

best travel pillow
best travel pillow

ALKAMTO Travel Memory Foam Pillow

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4. BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Pillow

We all know that getting comfortable on a plane, train, or car involves continuous adjustment. While you can't make the seat you're in any comfier or roomier, you can get yourself a pillow that can be flexible with you. This chin-supporting travel pillow has three different ergonomic positions that let you adjust until you find what's comfortable for you. Plus, its chin support takes tension off of your neck and keeps you from experiencing pain when your nap is over.

best travel pillow
best travel pillow

BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Pillow

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