Rubi Rose Shares Alleged DMs From DDG Amid Halle Bailey Breakup Rumors: ‘This Is Why I’m Single’

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The breakup rumors surrounding DDG and Halle Bailey were squashed, and shortly after, DDG called fans “gullible” for believing they had split. Although the two have denied their relationship is over, the messy trail followed behind when Rubi Rose exposed the Michigan native for keeping an old shirt of hers and passing it along to Bailey.

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The white cropped T-shirt with Black graphics was seen in Bailey’s recent Instagram story as she greeted her followers a good morning. The shirt isn’t that noticeable, but internet detectives found old photos of Rose wearing an identical top in 2020.

Soon after the story was posted by Bailey, Rose peeped that she was now a part of the sisterhood of traveling shirts, and it had choice words for her ex, DDG.

“Having [your] b*tch [wear] my clothes is crazy lol,” she wrote on Saturday.

Fans found a series of old photos supporting Rose’s claims of Bailey wearing her old shirt captioned “I know he lying … But f*ck it I am too.”

The Twitter reactions were on a roll after fans pieced together that the shirt was in fact Rose’s. One side of the fence berated DDG calling him “immature” and involving Bailey in “childish” matters, while others questioned Rose’s motives for harping over the shirt and then sharing a text thread between her and DDG about what seemed like a possible link up.

DDG caught wind of the texts while livestreaming — crumbling under embarrassment he screamed out loud “I hate this b*tch.”

Rose defended her choices by tweeting, “I like Halle,” the 25-year-old confirmed in a short and sweet post. “DDG a weird tho fasho.”

Bailey’s fans were not playing about their girl because they went the extra mile to create a petition for the Little Mermaid to find a new man on  Since its launch, it has already received up to 1,600 signatures.

“Halle Bailey is black royalty, and she has a childish peasant attached to her,” creator Lindsey Williams wrote in the page’s description. “We want better for our princess. Her celebrity shouldn’t be used for YouTube views and clicks. She’s unproblematic, and her childish (hopefully ex-boyfriend) thought it was funny to sub her when she’s about to have the biggest year ever.”

Bailey was quiet for the last week as all of this unfolded online, but it seems she’s done being tight-lipped because she tweeted for fans not to believe “third parties.”

“The devil is working. Please don’t feed into the lies, especially from a third party,” she tweeted.