Rudy Giuliani faces jail if he can’t pay ex-wife Judith Nathan $235K, says Manhattan judge — he skipped court hearing

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NEW YORK — Rudolph Giuliani is looking at jail time if he fails to pay ex-wife Judith Nathan $235,000 next month, a Manhattan judge ordered Friday.

Judge Michael Katz’s order came after Giuliani, the ex-mayor and current Donald Trump adviser, skipped a court hearing in a lawsuit Nathan filed over his failure to heed the terms of their December 2019 divorce settlement, court officials said.

Katz issued the order orally during the hearing Giuliani missed, a court official said.

At a hearing Sept. 8, Giuliani said he would pay Nathan what she is owed — but complained she didn’t file her paperwork properly.

“It’s literally about three or four payments that amount to $45,000, which I will obviously pay,” Giuliani told the Daily News at the time. “There was no reason for this because I would have paid them had she sent me a correct complaint.”

Giuliani and Nathan split in April 2018 after 15 years of marriage. They wed in 2003 at a Gracie Mansion ceremony performed by then-mayor Michael Bloomberg.