Rudy Giuliani Refuses to Back Down on Criticism of Joe Biden

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani refused to back down on his scathing criticism of Vice President Joe Biden’s “back in chains” remark, calling it on CBS’s Face the Nation a “blatant appeal to racism” that he regards as “disgusting” and something that appears to be “vicious pandering.”

Earlier in the week, Giuliani said he didn't think Biden had the “mental capacity” to serve as president. He said on Sunday that he does not think Biden is “nuts” but that “this guy is one gaffe after another.”

On the same show, Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., said there “isn't a racist bone in Joe Biden’s body” and there was no need for Biden to apologize.

He said Giuliani’s criticism was had “gone too far” and that Giuliani should remember his backing of Sarah Palin in 2008 as a vice presidential choice (and therefore a potential commander-in-chief).

“Sarah Palin is actually operating at a level quite bit above Joe Biden,” Giuliani said.

And Giuliani’s punches didn’t end there. On NBC’s Meet the Press, he called Biden “a joke.”

“Joe is a laugh line on Jay Leno, he’s not a vice president,” Giuliani said. “He’s a joke. You never know what he’s going to say.”

Giuliani also accused the media of covering a disproportionate number of Republican gaffes, adding that the criticism of Biden this week would “even up the score.”

“If Sarah Palin made that level of mistakes, Dick Cheney, he’d be plastered all over the media,” Giuliani said. “That’s really why I said it, because I wanted to even up the score.”

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