Rudy Giuliani thinks the Southern District of New York might be investigating him because they're jealous

Tim O'Donnell

They're just jealous, that's all.

President Trump's personal lawyer and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani told Intelligencer that if the Southern District of New York is indeed investigating him it's only because the federal district court has declined since he ran the show around 30 years ago. In other words, the attorneys there wish they were racking up thousands of convictions and taking down the mob like he did and are just upset they haven't lived up to his legacy. It's "jealousy," Giuliani said.

"It's a terrible thing to say because it will get the Southern District all upset, but I know why they're all upset," Giuliani said. "Because they've never done anything like me since me. They haven't done an eight years like I did since I left being U.S. attorney. Nothing close."

The court is reportedly looking into Giuliani's business and finances, as well as his contacts with top Ukrainian officials in what is shaping up to be yet another layer in Trump's impeachment saga. But the former mayor is adamant he has nothing to hide, and he wants who he calls the "Trump-deranged ... silly New York liberals" to know it. "If they think I committed a crime, they're out of their minds," he said. "I've been doing this for 50 years. I know how not to commit crimes." Read more at Intelligencer.

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