Rugby player develops device to monitor head trauma

An amateur rugby player has developed wearable technology which can track head trauma after a teammate suffered three concussion injuries in one season.

Video Transcript


EUAN BOWEN: What it does, basically, is it monitors impact force and the companion app shows you instantly on a graph, you know, the force threshold and the severity of that force.

So, yeah, we put them into a traffic light system. So the user will set the threshold. So we set it at a default level of 60 g-force. But say you're a parent with a six-year-old, you don't want to have 60 g-force going through their helmet. So you'll lower that threshold and that becomes your red baseline threshold where you'll get your flag up notification, your device tells you, you have sustained this impact and it's up to you, should you choose, to remove or check on the user or the wearer, and act upon that.

So it's about catching those sub-concussive impacts or those risk impacts early before it amounts to any more obvious injury.