Rugby star links Australia's bushfires to God's anger

Former Australian rugby star Israel Folau caused a storm on Sunday (November 17), when he said recent deadly bushfires were God's punishment for allowing same-sex marriage and abortion.

His speech infuriated many, including the country's Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Morrison called Folau's comments "appallingly insensitive" on Monday (November 18).


"He can say whatever he likes. But that doesn't mean he can't have regard to the grievous offense this would've caused the people whose homes have been burnt down and I'm sure to many Christians around Australia for whom that is not their view at all and whose thoughts and prayers, let me stress, from Christians are very much in the thoughts with those who are suffering under the terrible burden of fire."

The player lost a multi-million-dollar rugby contract in May this year after he warned on social media that gay people and other people "living in sin" would go to hell.