What Ruined Justin Bieber's Birthday?

Justin Bieber told the world he had a bad birthday, and we believed him. But then the questions came, the speculation started and rumors ran rampant. What, exactly, could have ruined Justin Bieber's 19th birthday? 

Worst birthday

— Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) March 2, 2013

It was the tweet heard 'round the world. The third most RT'd tweet in history, if some are to be believed. For most Canadians, a 19th birthday is a right of passage. It's the year you get to legally drink. Justin has enough money to buy the world three times over, so why would he have bad birthday? One could imagine Bieber going a little overboard on the booze, getting into a fight and puking in a bush, as per Canadian 19th birthday tradition. But that's not what happened. Puking in a bush did not ruin Justin Bieber's birthday. 

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First of all: Bieber was not in Canada. He was in London, where he can legally drink anyway. The plan was a circus themed party at London's Cirque du Soir, which seems like some sort of sad-Moulin Rouge. Ella-Paige Roberts-Clarke, the rumored new 'friend' he partied with the night before, was going to be there. Everything was going to be great, but then it wasn't, because there was an "incident" between club security and someone in Biebs' crew, according to E! They left immediately after that because incidents always ruin everything, even birthdays. Especially birthdays.

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It's not clear what the "incident" was, exactly. A fight? A scuffle? A miscommunication? A bad Pokemon card trade. It's hard to know what would set off a Bieber bro enough to ruin the night. But ruin the night it did, so Bieber and his bros went back to their hotel and didn't do anything else. On top of all that, Bieber bro 'Lil Twist,' the one credited for getting him on the funny tobacco, was issued a ticket back in America yesterday afternoon for driving Biebs' Fisker Karma recklessly. 

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So, if you needed to know what it takes to ruin Justin Bieber's birthday, it's incidents.