Ruling clears way for civil trial over 2017 controversial arrest

A federal judge's ruling now clears the way for a civil trial against two Houston Police officers over a controversial arrest more than three years ago.

Video Transcript

- A federal judge's ruling now clears the way for a civil trial against two HPD officers over a very controversial arrest three years ago.

- I don't have my wallet with me.

- No license?

- Get out. Get out of the car. I don't need your wallet. You said you don't have your wallet. Get out. Turn around. Put your hands behind your back.

- Stop resisting!

- [INAUDIBLE] [MUTED] I don't know anything [MUTED]

- So this is body cam video of Jose Gomez being taken into custody over a traffic violation in March of 2017. The officers took Gomez to the ground. And he ultimately had to be put in the hospital. He was charged with resisting arrest. And that was dropped. A judge now has ruled that the two officers cannot be immune to claims of excessive force and assault and battery.

- All we asked [INAUDIBLE]. They don't listen when I say, like, don't break me, I've got to work tomorrow, there is my wallet. Why they do that to me? They don't listen. They just take me to jail. From the jail, they sent me to the hospital.

- Gomez's attorney says a jury trial for these civil claims could be set in the next few weeks. He's calling for a third party to review claims of excessive force by police. We reached out to the police department but have not yet heard back. The Houston Police Officers Union calls the legal filing outlandish. Both officers were cleared by an internal investigation.