All the Rumors About the New Samsung Galaxy S IV

Rebecca Greenfield

Now that Samsung has its own hype cycle, it seems only fair to keep track of what the tech rumormongers are saying about the upcoming Galaxy S IV. Today, in fact, the rumor mill received secretive anonymous word that the much-anticipated smartphone will make its debut on March 14, with The Verge's Chris Zeigler reporting that "sources familiar with Samsung's plans" say that the eve of the Ides of March Eve is "definitely" when the South Korean gadget maker will reveal two new devices, including the next Galaxy S IV. That matches previous reports, which have suggested a global release within the next month. While others have suggested an April release, that could be when the device actually goes on sale after its coming out party. Basically, this thing is coming, probably within the next two months. It's time to prepare.

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Keeping some Apple-style secrecy, Samsung has maintained a bit of mystery around its next smartphone. Luckily for the gadget-curious among us, there are plenty of rumors to sift through. We've gone through and rated the most (and least) believable hype floating around. 

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Processor: Exynos 5 Octa processor, clocked at 1.8GHz.

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Likelihood: Medium-high. This would make the phone incredibly fast. The iPhone 5 has an A5 processor that supposedly clocks in at 1.3GHz. This Exynos would be the eight-core processor that Samsung announced at CES. As the S III comes with a Quad-core Exynos processor, it makes sense Samsung would put this better version in the next iteration of phone. But the American version, because of wireless network support, uses a different Snapdragon one. Other rumorers, however, have suggested a superfast quad-core 1.9 GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU for the stateside phones. 

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Likelihood: High, largely because that's how much is in the current S III model. Staying the same isn't all that exciting, but it's still an entire GB more than the iPhone 5. 

Display: Bendy, 5-inches, full HD with 1920 x 1080p resolution. 

Likelihood: Low, medium-high, high. The Samsung Galaxy flexible display rumor has been floating around for awhile. But the rumorers don't expect to see it in a Galaxy S series phone until the next model. As for that five-inch display, it may sound humungo at a full .2 inches bigger than the 4.8 inch Galaxy S III, but with the rise of the phablet, the tech whisperers have faith in this big Samsung.

Overall Look: No home screen button.

Likelihood: Low. A photo going around suggests the Samsung Galaxy SIV would get rid of the home screen button altogether. But not even the Samsung rumorers believe this one. The image looks very... Photoshopped.