As Rumors About Yellowstone’s Possible Cancellation Swirl, A Sequel Has Been Announced

 John talking to Clara on Yellowstone
John talking to Clara on Yellowstone

The Paramount Network has been mining some serious success with Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone and its related spinoffs. Those operations sounded like they could have been in jeopardy, as there have been rumors that the Kevin Costner-led ensemble drama could potentially be canceled in the wake of his departure. While those whispers continue to swirl, Paramount has announced its next move in the Yellowstone universe: a modern-day sequel series, which is set to take the stage sooner than you’d think on the 2023 TV schedule.

Per a press release from Paramount Network, this untitled follow-up will be premiering this December, with the “epic final cycle of Yellowstone” set to start Season 5B in November. Much like the flagship series, which has been on since 2018, the show will run on broadcast TV first, before heading to streaming. As for what to expect from the story, there aren’t many details. But David Glasser, CEO of the production company behind Yellowstone, 101 Studios, did give the following hint as to what to expect:

The Dutton story continues, picking up where Yellowstone leaves off in another epic tale. We are thrilled to bring this new journey to audiences around the world.

While the details aren’t confirmed just yet, there’s enough Yellowstone news from recent times to start to paint a picture of what could be on the way. This sequel’s announcement comes not too long after Kevin Costner’s supposed Yellowstone exit broke, which specified the actor would be leaving the show after the current season. So right there seems to be a reason to announce this sequel at the time Paramount Network chose to do so.

As to who could be heading this next chapter up, officially “the cast will be announced shortly,” as the press release stated. However, with a Matthew McConaughey Yellowstone spinoff already lined up, it seems that this “sequel” just might turn out to be the project that’s added to Yellowstone’s recent flurry of activity in the press.

There’s no shortage of upcoming Yellowstone projects that will keep Taylor Sheridan’s western empire running. However, there's a lot we still don't know about how the modern era of Yellowstone will continue. Though this news sheds a bit of light on the situation. Now all fans have to do is worry about whether Kevin Costner’s John Dutton III will ride into the sunset, or be taken down by one of his various foes.

With the clock ticking until November's big return, that's a lot of time to speculate how John's story could end. If you’re a Yellowstone fan who wants to keep current, as well as dig into the various spinoffs in the Dutton family’s history, you’ll want to have your Paramount+ subscription handy. Though if you’re just starting out in this universe, you’ll need to mosey on over to Peacock, as the first four seasons of the original series.