Run to Get This Deal on the Bob Gear Revolution Stroller

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Save 20% on the BOB Gear Revolution Stroller Now!Best Products; Courtesy BOB Gear

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If you're a parent and a runner, or even someone who likes long walks with an agile stroller, head over to Amazon right now — because one of our favorite jogging strollers, the BOB Gear Revolution 3.0, is on sale at a major 20% discount. It went from $549 to just $440 — that's $109 in savings!

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Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller, Graphite Black


Inflation has made parenting even more expensive, but thankfully, many companies have responded with bigger discounts than we’ve ever seen. The trick is to jump on these sales as soon as they drop — because, trust us, they don’t last long.

The BOB Gear Revolution 3.0 is on so many baby registries, and for good reason. It's a solid jogging stroller with an impressive glide. My favorite part about this discounted jogging stroller is the cargo room — there's space for all of your stuff and every rock your kid finds and declares their new best friend.

The no-rethread harness makes adjusting the BOB Gear Revolution a cinch. It's also much lighter than so many jogging strollers on the market, at 28 pounds, but the weight limit is higher than others, at a whopping 75 pounds.

This stroller will last you for years and years, and since it is car seat compatible (BOB is the stroller arm of Britax), you can use it from birth and up. It’s one of the strollers with the most utility you can buy, and at 20% off, there’s a good reason why you should.

You may not think that you need a jogging stroller, especially if you already have a traditional or lightweight stroller, but hear me out — it's always best to have a few stroller options (if your budget allows), and at this price, it makes it even easier. Simply put, having a jogging stroller and a regular stroller just gives you more options to take your little one out and about. And, if something goes awry with your regular stroller, it's great to know you have a solid backup stroller ready. It's a total win, no matter how you look at it, especially with this 20% discount!

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