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The Rush: Harden returns to Houston, Brady badgers the Jets

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Rockets fans booed James Harden upon his return to Houston, but the Beard got the best of the Rockets in a Nets victory. PLUS, Zion Williamson pays respect to a former foe who ended up somewhere you might not have expected and Tom Brady might just be the GOAT of salty champions.

Video Transcript


JARED QUAY: That was my guy Bryson Bishop going up against Zion Williamson in high school in a real life David versus Goliath situation.


JARED QUAY: This kid is hilarious. Well, Zion didn't think it was so funny at the time. But hey, how about now?

ZION WILLIAMSON: I got a lot of respect for him for doing that because the team-- his teammates were so out of it that he was just trying to give them energy. When it was happening in the moment, I was like, no way. Don't disrespect me like that.

JARED QUAY: I don't know where he got that kind of confidence from, but it paid off. Bryson Bishop is headed to Charleston Southern University to play basketball. Zion's such a gracious dude. I bet you he's happy for his old nemesis.

Not everybody has nice things to say about the competition though. Tom Brady was on "The Late Late Show" the other night. And James Corden lobbed up a zinger, and Brady dunked the hell out of it.

JAMES CORDEN: But surely, I know. I might not make Tampa, but I could play for the Jets.

TOM BRADY: You might be able to play for the Jets.

JAMES CORDEN: There you go. That's all I needed.

TOM BRADY: Actually, you're right about that.

JAMES CORDEN: That's all I needed.

JARED QUAY: I know old habits die hard and all. But the Jets aren't even in Brady's conference anymore, let alone division rivals. Let it go, Brady. Let it go.


(SINGING) Let it go. Let it go.

JARED QUAY: Didn't the Jets suffer enough last season? Just imagine being so bad at your job that you're not even good enough to tank for Trevor. They were trying to lose every game and accidentally won one. That's how bad they are.

CHARLES BARKLEY: That's terrible.

JARED QUAY: Tom is really another breed. Remember what he did a few weeks ago? Dude won his seventh Super Bowl and celebrated by calling out the haters.

- Tom Brady has not been good this year.

- Tom Brady is just about done.

JARED QUAY: I guess his bulletin board is what keeps Tom grinding in the NFL at 43 years old. Go on ahead and keep up with the haterade. I want the man to play till he's 50. You know what? At this point, we should just keep Brady on the team regardless until he dies. Just literally, 97-year-old Brady on the Bears.

James Harden got some bulletin board material too after returning to Houston for the first time since being traded to the Nets.

- James Harden.


JARED QUAY: Nah, James, you good. They just booing you because they mad they got to wear a mask indoors. For real, though, it's tough being the scorned ex. Harden led them on for so many years. I know fans were thinking they would at least get a ring. Instead, the Rockets get dumped and have no prospects.

Meanwhile, Harden is hanging out with his new teammates. And they're one of the favorites to win the championship. Oh, no, you gonna get these boos. That on top of the fact that Houston couldn't get the win last night, embarrassing.

Yeah, in fact, they deserve to boo Harden because I've been there before. I know. When you see somebody thriving, and they just left you, and you sitting there, eating ice cream, watching rerun episodes of "Martin," and they out there, living their best life on Instagram, see, Harden's gonna have to take-- he's taking more pictures, obviously. He's enjoying his life better in Brooklyn than he was in Houston.