The Rush: Some of the inspirational moments from Tokyo so far

This year’s Olympics look and feel different, but there have still been a number of inspiring and heartwarming moments so far in Tokyo.

Video Transcript


- These Olympics just don't feel right, they're a year late, there's no crowds, COVID resurgent in the host city, and an Italian won the 100 meter dash. That never happens. But instead of getting dispirited about it, let's look at some of the heartwarming moments from these games starting with yesterday, when Mataj Barshim from Qatar and John Marco Tom Barry of Italy tied for first place in the high jump. The judges saw a jump off for the tiebreak.

That's when Barshim asked the officials if they could share the gold. He agreed. And the two friends shared a fond embrace, and the gold medal. Now they've got to break it in half, and then put it on two sides to Earth. And in 20 years if you could put it back together, you get superpowers. In similar fashion, when runners, Isaiah Jewett of the US and Nigel Amos of Botswana, tripped over each other during their 800 meter heat.

They got up, hugged, and crossed the finish line together. What about the sheer joy of Detroit Lions quarterback, David Blough, and his teammates, when his wife Melissa Gonzalez competed and qualified in the 400 meter hurdles. Same thing in Seward, Alaska, when team hero Lydia Jacoby, won the gold medal in the hundred meter breaststroke. And, of course, the watch party for Suni Lee when she won gold.

Or how about Hidilyn Diaz, winning the Philippine's first ever gold medal in weightlifting, and getting an Olympic record in the process. Then there's Owen Wright, Australia's first ever surfing medalist. But that's not even close to the crazy part, Wright had to learn how to surf and walk all over again after a brain injury six years ago. And all of that is amazing. But I got to say a personal favorite of mine of this year's games, is this robot joining three pointers like Steph Curry. It's kind of scary, actually.

So before we get back to worrying about Delta and when these basketball robots are going to take over the Earth, let's embrace the good from these games and hopefully build a couple of more great memories along the way.

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