The Rush: LeBron gets dissed, Russell Wilson’s whereabouts and Tourney replacement teams?

Brandon Ingram throws shade at LeBron James via Zion Williamson, Ciara may be on the move via Russell Wilson’s NFL career and madness could definitely hit the NCAA Tournament this March, via replacement teams.

Video Transcript


LIZ LOZA: That's Zion Williamson. Dude comes to work, grinds, and mind his own business. Yet today he finds himself in a discussion he does not want to be in. More on that beef later. But first--

[MUSIC - CIARA, "LEVEL UP"] (SINGING) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Let go! Watch me. Level up, level up, level up, level up, level up.

LIZ LOZA: Music superstar Ciara was trending on Twitter yesterday because rumor has it she might be on the move. My girl's been in Seattle since 2016 with her husband and kids, but I guess sometimes you just need a change of scenery. Interestingly, Adam Schefter has some ideas as to where she might end up.

She was born in Texas, so Dallas makes sense. Hmm, don't even think about it. Huh-uh. Not Houston. Ain't nobody going to Houston. Vegas, New Orleans, and Chicago are some other options.

And as much as I love sweet home Chicago, I vote for Vegas because what singer doesn't want a residency there? I'm sure wherever she lands, Ciara's husband will be happy about it. Can't blame her for wanting to level up.

Speaking of which, seems like Brandon Ingram thinks playing alongside Zion Williamson is an upgrade from LeBron James?


The Pelicans small forward spoke to reporters about his teammate, Zion Williamson, and said, quote, "I've never played with a player as talented as me. He's a generational talent." That cockiness is a bit much, but I respect the hell out of the shade.

See? This is what happens when veterans treat young guys like trash and try to get them traded-- allegedly. Too bad Ingram didn't make the All-Star roster this year. Because watching LeBron not pick him on his team would have been deliciously awkward.

Oh, and speaking of awkward, what if a team that doesn't make the field of 68 ends up winning the NCAA tournament? That could legitimately happen this year because the NCAA has a contingency plan in place, where if a team selected to the tourney can't play because a COVID, a replacement team will take their spot. This could give us the Cinderella team of the century. And I pray to the Lord above that it happens.

I mean, who wouldn't want to see the Delaware fighting Blue Hens-- what is up, Ralph Begleiter-- take on Michigan? Or the Zags face off against the Stony Brook Seawolves. And what the hell is a seawolf anyway? How do they breathe? They got gills? I don't know.

Anyway, I really hope the main requirement for replacement teams is having a wild mascot like the Stetson Hatters. I mean, that is brilliant. Just like a 10-gallon cowboy hat with feet bouncing around or the Presbyterian Blue Hose. Not that kind of hoes. What about the Niagara Purple Eagles? Are those like, wildlife protected?