The Rush: NFL Covid policy causes kerfuffle while Olympians and Giannis mask up

The NFL’s new COVID-19 protocol will hit unvaccinated players in their pocketbooks, which was the topic of great debate on Twitter. Meanwhile, Olympians are practically in bubble wrap in Tokyo while NBA Finals MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo celebrated the Bucks championship in masked style.

Video Transcript

- Seeing that Larry O'Brien Trophy being given a smooch by Giannis is pretty awesome. I mean, it is. It's the Larry O'Brien Trophy is cruising around downtown Milwaukee. And everybody just wants a glimpse of it.

LIZ LOZA: We're going to get to the box championship parade in a minute. But first--

- The NFL.

LIZ LOZA: Social media was abuzz after the league sent a memo detailing its COVID policy for the 2021 season. Here's the gist. If a team's unvaccinated players cause a COVID outbreak, and the upcoming game can't be rescheduled within the week regular season, then that team, the one with the outbreak has to forfeit the game and take the out.

- But wait. There's more.

LIZ LOZA: If the game gets canceled, none of the players get paid their weekly salary. Cardinal star DeAndre Hopkins didn't take that news too well tweeting that the policy has him questioning his future in the league. Apparently, new questioned his questioning because he deleted the tweet within a few minutes.

- That was fast.

LIZ LOZA: Imagine being a vaccinated player who ends up having to forfeit a game and the Paycheck because of their unvaccinated teammates. Big Lord of the Flies vibes.

It's interesting that so many American citizens who have access to a lifesaving vaccine don't want it because I know a place where a bunch of athletes from around the world would gladly get the job if they could. Thousands of Olympians, organizers, and media members are practically bubble wrapped in Tokyo right now.

And you know who else I don't see complaining? The reigning NBA champion and Finals MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo. Do wore his mask outside during the Bucks championship parade yesterday.

As for the thousands of Milwaukee fans out on the parade route though, you know, it brought me back to Tim McGraw, and summer fest 2008. There is a solution though.

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