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The Rush: Russell Westbrook is balling, the NFL Draft lands in Vegas and the rich get richer

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Russell Westbrook drops another insane stat line, Las Vegas is now on the clock for the NFL Draft, Alabama adds another player to its roster and Bill and Melinda Gates really need to buy some pro sports teams.

Video Transcript

- Westbrook up ahead. Beal-- oh, wow! What a play. Timeout called by Indiana.

JARED QUAY: Look, I know Russell Westbrook getting a triple-double isn't big news. Hell, he's averaging one for the season, but he just keeps piling up stats. Last night he dropped 24 assists, 21 rebounds, 14 points. 24 assists.

- Damn!

JARED QUAY: Westbrook just became the second player in history to have 200 rebounds, 200 assists in one calendar month. And he's only four career triple-doubles behind Oscar Robertson for the all-time lead. And so he should be getting that by what? Next week?

- That sounds about right.

JARED QUAY: After missing out on it's chance to host the NFL draft in 2020, Las Vegas is officially on board to host in 2022. Coming out of a pandemic, this might just be the NFL's version of NBA All-Star Weekend on steroids. Not that any of the players in the NFL are on steroids.

- Right. Right.

JARED QUAY: Anyways, the league had grand plans in 2020 with prospects to strut their stuff across the massive Bellagio fountain. But after two years of waiting, it's time to go even bigger.

- Bigger?

JARED QUAY: I want the number 1 overall pick to go full Evel Knievel, right? He's on a dirt bike, and he goes over six buses. He lands right on the stage, and he shakes Goodell's hand.

I want Roger Goodell to announce the picks as he's guest DJ'ing at Tal nightclub. And I'm looking for at least one player in the green room to leave Vegas married. And to be honest, there's no reason to not host it there every year.

The weather's warm. The league is finally embracing betting. And I want to hear DJ Roger Goodell cutting up on the ones and twos. I already got some heat.

One big name receiver who probably will hear his name one day on the draft stage decided to transfer from Ohio State. Jameson Williams, a top 100 athlete out of high school, is taking his talents to Alabama. This is a case where the rich Ohio State had a receiver room that was so rich that one of them had to leave and go to the richest of them all.

Bama had two receiver go top 15 last year and then one upped that by having two receivers go top 10 this year. Only four NCAA schools have had two receivers taken in the first round. And for what it's worth, the Tide just locked down the number one recruiting class of all-time in 2021.

- It's just not fair.

JARED QUAY: Bill Gates and his wife Melinda have decided to call it quits after 27 years of marriage. If they split their money down the middle, they'll both have about $65 billion. So here's what I'm suggesting they do.

Bill, you buy the Yankees. Melinda, you buy the Red Sox. And then Melinda, you buy the Bears. And Bill, you buy the Packers. Could you imagine the intrigue and the luxury box closeups as Bill and Melinda scowl at each other. I mean, that's where $65 billion alone. Oh, and by the way, they'd still both have left over about $40 billion to do whatever they want.