The Rush: Sky make WNBA history, Braves walk off and Cowboys win OT thriller

The Chicago Sky won the franchise’s first WNBA Championship with a thrilling late-game comeback against the Phoenix Mercury and the Atlanta Braves get a walk off win over the L.A. Dodgers for the second straight game, taking a 2-0 series lead in the NLCS. In the NFL, the Arizona Cardinals remain undefeated, the Dallas Cowboys improve to 5-1 after beating the New England Patriots in OT, the Jaguars broke a 20-game losing streak with a win over the Miami Dolphins in London and Aaron Rodgers trolls Bears fans in real time during the Green Bay Packers’ win in Chicago.

Video Transcript

- She's left alone. mission accomplished. That's it. For the first time in Franchise history, the Chicago Sky are WNBA champions.

LIZ LOLA: We'll get to the WNBA championship and baseball playoffs in a hot second but first--

- Are you ready for some football?

LIZ LOLA: I'd stay ready and so do the Arizona Cardinals. This squad is 6-0 despite offensive plays being called by a committee this weekend. As head coach Kliff Kingsbury was unavailable after testing positive for COVID. And don't look now, but the Cowboys are 5-1 after escaping with an overtime win in New England.

- That's caught at the 10, and this game is over. The Cowboys win it.

LIZ LOLA: Congratulations are in order for the Jacksonville Jaguars. A team that after 20 consecutive losses got its first dub on Sunday. Sure, they had to leave the country and hit a 54 yard and a 53 yard field goal to pull it off.

- And he got it. He got it.

LIZ LOLA: But hey, a win is a win.

- Jacksonville Jaguars rule.

LIZ LOLA: The Bears Packers rivalry ain't what it used to be mainly because one of those teams is only finished with a record above 500 once in the last eight seasons,

- Bears.

- What? What's Bears?

LIZ LOLA: The Chicago variety and Aaron Rodgers reminded Bears fans just who they were dealing with as the Packers took charge at Soldier Field.


LIZ LOLA: And Aaron Rodgers can talk that [BLEEP] he is 22 and five all time against the Bears and it still stings. But hey, Chicagoans did have something to celebrate on Sunday.

- Vandersloot gives it up. Hooker to tie. You bet.

LIZ LOLA: The Chicago Sky are WNBA champions for the first time in franchise history. 16 Chicago overcame a double digit deficit late in the game to beat the five seed Phoenix Mercury 3 games to 1 for the title. This team had all sorts of hurdles to climb including barely making it into the playoffs with a 500 record. Kahleah Copper who played great all series long was named Finals MVP.

- Vandersloot the no look to Copper.

LIZ LOLA: And you know this victory was sweet for the hometown hero and a legend Candace Parker who just signed with the Sky this season. Everyone from Stephanie Dolson off the bench.

- Dolson for the lead. Chicagoans--

LIZ LOLA: To married couple Courtney Vandersloot.

- [INAUDIBLE] on the steal, two on one. Look out.

LIZ LOLA: And Allie Quigley.

- Her turns in, dishes out. Good movement. Quigley again.

LIZ LOLA: The whole team did the damn thing. Oh, man, this team is Jon Gruden's worst nightmare, huh? Well, congrats, Shy Sky, and enjoy that ship.

- And first of all swinging. Oh, and it gets through. And here comes the winning run. Swanson scores, and the Braves win again in the final at bat.

LIZ LOLA: That's how the Braves won the second game of the NLCS. I know. Looks familiar. It's the same way they won the first game on Saturday with a freaking walk off. That's the fifth walk off in this postseason already.

So the Braves lead the Dodgers two games to none as the series heads back to LA. I've got to say, it makes no goddamn sense at the 106 win Dodgers. Don't have home field advantage over the 88 win Braves. Am I being in La homer? Yeah, but I'm right and you know it.

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