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The Rush: Tiger Woods injured in car accident, undergoes surgery

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Tiger Woods underwent surgery after suffering “serious” injuries to his legs in a single-car accident outside of Los Angeles, the NBA announces its All-Star Game reserve squad, the Washington Football Team will remain the WFT for at least another year and actress Shailene Woodley reveals hilarious details of her whirlwind romance with fiancé and “football guy” Aaron Rodgers.

Video Transcript

DWYANE WADE: How good am I, or how bad am I?



DWYANE WADE: I'm not good. I'm sorry for using that.

TIGER WOODS: We're getting better. We're getting better.

DWYANE WADE: We're getting better.

TIGER WOODS: [INAUDIBLE] we're getting better.

DWYANE WADE: So everybody, be on the lookout. I got some lessons today from who I think is the GOAT. But Tiger Woods, thank you, brother. Appreciate it.


JARED QUAY: That was Tiger Woods and Dwyane Wade on Monday shooting a special series with GolfTV and "Golf Digest." Early Tuesday morning, Tiger Woods was involved in a single-car crash, reportedly while heading to the course to work with Drew Brees and Justin Herbert for a second day of filming. The golf GOAT underwent surgery after reportedly suffering several leg injuries. Since the news broke, people around the world have shared their thoughts on social media.

Just two days ago, at the Genesis Invitational, Tiger was talking about recovering from his fifth back surgery, and whether or not he'd be ready to play in the Masters in April.

JIM NANTZ: 7 weeks from today, his final round of the Masters. Are you going to be there?

DWYANE WADE: God, I hope so. I got to get there first.

JIM NANTZ: Are you feeling like you--

TIGER WOODS: A lot it's based on, you know, my surgeons and my doctors and my therapists, and making sure that I do it-- I do it correctly. And this is the only back I got, so I don't have much more-- much more wiggle room left there.

JARED QUAY: Man, I got to say, golf isn't fun without T Woods. So everyone here at "The Rush" is wishing Tiger a speedy recovery. We need you back, Tiger.

There is no easy way to transition to this next story, but I'm going to do it anyways. The Washington Football Team is here to stay, at least for one more year. Team officials announced the name is not changing for at least another year. The team launched a website, washingtonjourney.com, where fans can follow along in the quest to find a new team name. Hell, you can even submit ideas like this one, which is pretty dope. I'd like it to be called the Washington Quays.

Here's what's crazy to me. Washington had the worst name in the NFL. They changed their name and still have the worst name in the NFL. How do you even do that? Man, it take a special type of talent to pull that one off.

The NBA released this list of All-Star reserves taking their talent to Atlanta for the NBA All-Star game. And I got my money on Bron's team. I mean, I know the teams-- they didn't even get picked yet. But I'm picking Bron because I ain't going against the best player in the league.

Aaron Rodgers is debatably the best player in the NFL, and everyone knows that-- well, except for one person.

SHAILENE WOODLEY: When we met, also, like, I knew he was a football guy, but I didn't know, like, what kind of a football guy he was.

JARED QUAY: That's award-winning actress Shailene Woodley talking about her fiancé, football guy Aaron Rodgers.

SHAILENE WOODLEY: I have yet to go to a football game. Before I met him, I'd never seen one football game before. But I never thought I'd be engaged to somebody who threw balls for a living.

JARED QUAY: And I'm just surprised as you are, Shai. I mean, when did y'all even meet?

SHAILENE WOODLEY: We met during this wacky, wacky time.

JARED QUAY: Oh. So Aaron and Shai met during the COVID era. I have so many questions. Did they go on Zoom dates? Is this how Aaron proposed? See, Aaron doing something that nobody else can do. He ain't just the GOAT in football. He finding love during a pandemic. I mean, to meet a girl during a pandemic and then get engaged-- aren't you kind of worried that things might not work out when the world gets back to normal?