Rushville applying for grant with Owner Occupied Rehab Program

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Jul. 30—RUSHVILLE — The City of Rushville is applying for a grant for the Owner Occupied Rehab Program. If Rushville is awarded the grant, the city will be able to help homeowners make improvements to owner-occupied homes within the city limits.

Some of the improvements include roof replacement, ADA accessibility up to the thresh-old of the home, heating and cooling replacement, lighting and electrical upgrades and water heater replacement.

Homeowners could be granted up to $15,000.

Eligibility requirements include single-family, owner occupied homes; homes must be on permanent foundation; most mobile homes are not eligible; contract sales are not eligible; and homes must be insured.

The income eligibility consists of the total household income being at or below the following guidelines (individuals in household — max annual income 2021):

* 1 — $37,450

* 2 — $42,800

* 3 — $48,150

* 4 — $53,450

* 5 — $57,750

* 6 — $62,050

* 7 — $66,300

* 8 — $70,600

Applicants will be scored with the following criteria:

* 2 points for elderly household

* 2 points for disabled household

* 2 points for female head of household

* 3 points for 50-60% AMI

* 4 points for 40-50% AMI

* 5 points for 30-40% AMI

* 6 points for less than 30% AMI

The city has not been awarded the grant. The information provided is to see if there is enough interest in Rushville residents.

For more information on the program, stop by City Center (330 N. Main St.) and get an application and brochure. There will also be a public hearing at 11 a.m. Wednesday, Aug. 11, in the Council Chambers.

Other information can be attained by calling Carla Sharpe at the Mayor's Office (765) 932-3735.

Contact Aaron Kirchoff at

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