Russia asks UN court to stop Ukraine's invasion case

STORY: Russia is calling on the United Nations' highest court to throw out a case brought by Ukraine, that challenges Moscow's assertion that the invasion of Ukraine was necessary to stop the genocide of ethnic Russians there.

This Ukrainian military video released over the weekend is said to show the battle for a village it says it's retaken.

On Monday Russia's legal team in The Hague said Kyiv was abusing the UN's 1948 genocide treaty.

"Ukraine insists no genocide has occurred. That alone should be enough to reject the case because, according to the court's jurisprudence, if there was no genocide, there cannot be a violation of the Genocide Convention."

The hearings at the International Court of Justice, also known as the World Court, are set to run until September 27 and will not address the merits of the case. Instead it will focus on legal arguments about jurisdiction.

The court has no way to enforce its decision and Russia's government has previously ignored court orders to stop its military actions.

Experts say a ruling in Kyiv's favor would not stop the war but could impact future reparation payments.