Russia attacked Kyiv with drones from both north and south in massive attack

During the night, air defense forces destroyed 52 of 54 enemy kamikaze drones
During the night, air defense forces destroyed 52 of 54 enemy kamikaze drones

It was the most massive attack involving Shahed drones, he said.

"As a rule, they attack from two directions. The probable direction is from the Seshcha Air Base in (Russia's) Bryansk Oblast. They launched one bunch from there. The southern direction is from (Russia's) Krasnodar Krai, on the eastern coast of the Sea of Azov. They flew from there through Ukraine's south, dispersing from there and attacking in different directions. The enemy wants to confuse our air defence in such a way," Ihnat said.

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Air defence wasn’t able to intercept two of the identified enemy UAVs, he added.

"Emergency services arrived at the scene. A drone isn't a missile, so it can't harm seriously. However, when an important, vulnerable object is under attack, even a small UAV with a small explosive load can cause damage," Ihnat said without specifying what exactly was hit by the non-intercepted drones.

Russia conducted the most massive suicide drone attack on Ukraine overnight on May 28. Ukrainian air defence managed to shoot down 52 out of the 54 UAVs.

Debris fell in three districts of Kyiv: Holosiivskyi, Pecherskyi, and Darnytskyi, killing one civilian and injuring two. Buildings and a warehouse were set on fire.

Explosions were heard in Zhytomyr as well.

There are no reports on casualties or damage from that area yet.

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