Russia has changed its war tactics in order to compel Ukraine to negotiate Presidents Office

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Mykhailo Podoliak, advisor to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, believes that Russia is launching missiles on peaceful cities in an attempt to sow fear among the Ukrainian people and compel the Ukrainian government to negotiate or make territorial concessions.

Source: Podoliak in an interview for 24tv

Quote from Podoliak: "Russia has changed its tactics. It is now attacking our cities with its most powerful missiles. Why? Because it turns out that from a military perspective, they can’t fight all that well.

The Russians are now reconceiving their engagement in the war as an attempt to stir up large-scale panic among the Ukrainians, to intimidate people and to force them to put pressure on the government into making concessions to Russia. So that’s their current tactic.

On the one hand, they have absolutely no regard for how the rest of the world is responding to these inhumane cruise missile strikes on residential neighbourhoods. They are forcing our people to put pressure on the government, so that the government will say: ‘We will make territorial concessions’.

On the other hand, the Russians are investing in a pro-Russian lobby on the political markets of other countries so that they also spread the narrative of ‘wrapping up the war’."

Details: Podoliak insists that Russia’s new tactic – forcing Ukraine to return to the negotiating table – will not work.

He added that these attacks only highlight Ukraine’s need not only for air defence equipment but also for anti-missile defence systems – "and this is key to undermine Russia’s new approach to the war."


  • On the night of 30 June-1 July, Russia launched several missiles on Odesa Oblast. One of the missiles hit a nine-storey apartment building. Other missiles hit a recreation centre.

Odesa Oblast Military Administration said that 21 civilians were killed in the Russian missile strike on the village of Serhiivka.