Russia circumvents sanctions by buying German goods through CIS countries, Bild report says

Russia buys goods from Germany to circumvent sanctions
Russia buys goods from Germany to circumvent sanctions

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Bild reports that exports of certain categories of goods from Germany to CIS countries have at least doubled since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Data from Germany’s Federal Statistical Office supports this claim. David O'Sullivan, EU's special representative on sanctions, has also noted that Germany is increasingly supplying goods to CIS countries.

The supply of German goods to Tajikistan increased by 150% in 2022, to Belarus by 77%, and to Kyrgyzstan – by a staggering 994%.

According to the German Eastern Business Association, car and auto parts exports from Germany to Kazakhstan increased by 507%; to Armenia – by 761% in 2022.

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The exports of chemical products to Kazakhstan increased by 129%, Armenia by 110%. Electrical equipment exports increased by 344% to Armenia and by 105% – to Uzbekistan.

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The supply of metal goods to Kazakhstan increased by 137% and clothing – by 88%.

The German government believes that these goods may ultimately be supplied to Russia, circumventing existing sanctions through so-called “parallel imports.”

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Recent media reports suggested that the United States, Europe, and other key allies of Ukraine plan on imposing new sanctions against Russia to increase pressure on the Russian economy.

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