Russia claims to “regroup” its troops in Kharkiv Oblast after losing key cities

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The Armed Forces continue to liberate the Kharkiv Oblast from the occupiers
The Armed Forces continue to liberate the Kharkiv Oblast from the occupiers

The rapid collapse of Russian lines around Izyum, Kharkiv Oblast, and the withdrawal of Moscow’s troops from the area represent an effort to “regroup” and bolster the Donetsk Oblast front, the Russian Defense Ministry alleged in a Telegram post on Sept. 10.

According to the message, Russian forces near Izyum and Balakliya were “folded in and redeployed” towards Donetsk, in a three-day “operation.”

“We executed a number of feints and distracting maneuvers during the operation,” the Russian military lied.

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“In order to prevent losses among Russian troops, the enemy was hit with air, missile, and artillery strikes.”

Ukrainian forces have recaptured Kupyansk, followed by the major military stronghold of Izyum, on Sept. 10.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) continue their multi-pronged counteroffensive in both Kherson and Kharkiv oblasts, which began on Aug. 29.

Key bridges across the Dnipro River are constantly disrupted by Ukrainian artillery, leaving Moscow’s troops on Dnipro’s western bank largely cut off from supplies and reinforcements.

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The pace of the Ukrainian advance in Kharkiv Oblast has stunned military observers, who have estimated Kyiv has liberated 2,500 square kilometers of land in a span of several days.

Ukraine’s General Staff remains tight-lipped on how the counteroffensive is going, adhering to a strict operations security regime.

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