Russia Claims New T-14 'Armata' Tank Can Fight on Mars

Michael Peck

Russia's new T-14 Armata is one of the most advanced tanks in the world. So advanced, in fact, that Western nations worry that older tanks like America's M-1 Abrams may be rendered obsolete.

But the T-14 is not only extraordinary, it’s interplanetary. The Armata tank can operate on Mars, according to Russian media.

“Magic Starter: Armata Engines Make It Fit for Martian Temperature” proclaimed the headline on Russia's English-language site Sputnik News back in 2017. The news followed Russian media reports earlier that the future MiG-41 jet fighter would be able to fly in outer space.

Lest anyone worry that Vladimir Putin is planning to invade the Angry Red Planet with his Little Green Men, it turns out the truth is more down-to-earth. Sputnik News, never shy about trumpeting the awesomeness of Russian military technology, was actually citing an article from the Russian newspaper Izvestia (the Google English-language translation is here).

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