Russia creates long-term psychological operations in US and Europe – NYT

Russian secret services have been using special methods of influence to conceal the Kremlin's involvement in promoting pro-Russian and anti-Ukrainian narratives in the United States and Europe.

Source: The New York Times, citing a declassified US intelligence analysis

Details: The United States believes that Russia seeks to regain its influence on public opinion and manipulate it, at the same time concealing the work of its secret services.

Specifically, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) secretly used allies within nominally independent organisations to spread propaganda and develop ties with new leaders. This is an effort designed to last for an extended period.

Russia intended to develop a network of "young leaders" who the Kremlin hoped would support Russia or spread pro-Russian narratives in their home countries.

Russia's special operations target Americans and Europeans to build support for the Kremlin, as well as sham popular protests.

US intelligence materials mention four Russians who worked for the Russian Federation. In particular, Natalia Burlinova was accused of espionage and put on the international wanted list. She recruited US citizens in educational institutions to participate in the Creative Diplomacy NGO she founded.

The FSB helped to fund this organisation, and it was a "grooming campaign". The Russians wanted to create a network of "future Western influencers" who would become supporters of the Kremlin.

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