Russia denies weighing Ukraine attack

Russia dismissed a media report suggesting Moscow might be weighing an attack on Ukraine as inflammatory Friday (November 12) --

and accused the United States of making aggressive moves in the Black Sea.

Washington has raised concerns about a potential Russian attack on Ukraine with its European Union allies.

That's according to a Bloomberg report on Thursday that cited possibly suspicious troop movements inside Russia as being one of the reasons.

The Kremlin said it was up to Moscow alone where it deployed its own forces within its own borders.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on a conference call, quote:

"Such headlines do nothing more than pointlessly and groundlessly fuel tensions. Russia does not pose a threat to anyone."

Regional tensions have mounted this week as the EU accused Belarus of encouraging thousands of migrants to try to cross its borders.

Brussels has threatened to impose further sanctions.

The Russian military also said it was tracking U.S. naval ships in the Black Sea, calling the activity 'aggressive'. It accused Washington of studying the region as a potential theater of war.

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