Russia escalates crackdown on Ukrainian journalist Dmytro Gordon, opening 4th criminal case

Dmytro Gordon
Dmytro Gordon

Russia has opened a fourth criminal case against Ukrainian journalist Dmytro Gordon, Russian propaganda news agency RIA Novosti reported on Jan. 28, citing a source.

The case concerns alleged "public calls for terrorism." However, the propagandists did not specify what kind of calls were in question.

Gordon was allegedly put on the wanted list in Russia again due to a new criminal case.

Gordon himself noted that this is the fourth case that has been brought against him in Russia.

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"This is the fourth criminal case against me and the second time I've been put on the wanted list," the Ukrainian journalist wrote on Instagram.

“Do you think they will find me? By the way, where can I hide?”

Gordon's wife, editor-in-chief of the news outlet Gordon, Olesya Batsman, also commented on the new criminal case against him.

"Four criminal cases, two wanted notices, convicted in absentia by the Basmanny court, listed as a terrorist and extremist, recognized as a ‘foreign agent’, books banned, streaming platforms fined for distributing his speeches, and several people already imprisoned for posting his interviews," she wrote on Facebook.

“Dima, I am very, very proud of you. You are really the most titled Ukrainian now.”

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The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation opened a criminal case against the journalist under three articles at once on March 22, 2022.

The charges were allegedly "public calls for war" and "incitement to hatred based on nationality," as well as public dissemination of information about war crimes committed by Russian troops in Ukraine.

Russia put Gordon on the wanted list on July 19. A court in Russia arrested the Ukrainian journalist in absentia on July 22 for supposedly publishing fake news about the Russian military and "calls" for war.

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