"Russia insulting Islam must be condemned": Ukraine reacts to fake spread by occupiers

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine condemns a staged occupiers' propagandistic video in which the alleged Ukrainian soldiers are desecrating the Muslim sacred book Quran. The Ministry believes that Russia once again attempted to discredit Ukraine.

Source: Said Ismagilov, Mufti of UMMA, the Spiritual Administration of Ukraine’s Muslims, who left his post in summer 2022 and became a paramedic in the war; Oleh Nikolenko, spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, on Twitter

Quote: "On the eve of the Holy Ramadan, the Russian propaganda started spreading fake news about the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine slicing pork fat on the Quran and burning the Quran at a fire.

They aimed to provoke outrage among the Muslim world in Ukraine with the actions of alleged Ukrainian soldiers.

But just like any other propagandistic news, this video is clueless.

Unlike Russians, Ukrainians are all united; they support each other and respect the spiritual choice of each soldier. We have no ‘churban’ (derogatory Russian term for "Muslim" – ed.) books; we do not even use this word."

Details: Ismagilov considers the video to be a production of Russian propaganda. As he states, Russian "cave savages" usually humiliate and disrespect people of other ethnicities and religions, while society in Ukraine has a healthy civilised society.

He also added that there was too much swearing in the video, which suggests that the Russians are not succeeding in "disguising themselves as Ukrainians".

Nikolenko explained that the video is another Russian fake.

Quote: "Russia filmed a video in which unknown people pretending to be Ukrainian soldiers are cutting pork on the Quran and burning its pages.

They speak a poor Ukrainian language and use a Russian army knife.

Russia should be condemned for insulting Islam in an attempt to discredit Ukraine."

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