Russia intends to mobilize 90,000 troops – intelligence

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There are many defectors in the ranks of the Russian army
There are many defectors in the ranks of the Russian army

“They’re using various approaches,” said Skibitskyi. “There are the so-called volunteer battalions, the reserve battalions, and the battalions of the so-called Country’s Combat Army Reserve (BARS), which they are now assembling in each military district in order to make up for losses,” Skibitskyi said.

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He also said that Russia has significant problems when it comes to recruiting for their invading forces.

“They didn’t get their blitzkrieg, and time keeps passing by,” said Skibitsky. “Will the mobilization of more people in Russia help? Probably not. Because, first of all, the morale of military personnel, as they conduct military operations, is declining.”

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“Secondly, there are fewer and fewer applicants who would volunteer to sign a military contract in order to join the ranks of the Russian army. In addition, panic spreads among the population of large cities, because no one wants to do the military service, and even more so go to war.”

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