Russia launches deadly strike on a Ukrainian city

STORY: Burnt-out cars and rubble lay in the street - while workers clear debris in the Ukrainian city of Vinnytsia.

Officials here say the city was struck by Russian cruise missiles - killing at least 21 people, including three children. Dozens of others are injured.

Ukrainian President Vlodomyr Zelenskiy called it an act of terror.

"Today, in the morning, Russian missiles hit the city of Vinnytsia, an ordinary, peaceful city. Cruise missiles hit two community facilities. Houses were destroyed. A medical center was destroyed. Cars and trams were on fire. This is an act of Russian terror.”

The Russian defense ministry, which denies deliberately targeting civilians, did not immediately comment on the strike.

But a grim search is on for survivors. Emergency services say they're unlikely to find any under the rubble.

The attack came a day after a breakthrough in talks between Moscow and Kyiv - to unblock Ukrainian grain exports... and underscores how far the two sides remain from a peace settlement.

Vinnytsia - a city of 370,000 people - hosts the command headquarters of the Ukrainian Air Force, according to an official Ukrainian military website.

Meanwhile - the United States and 40 other countries have agreed to coordinate investigations into suspected Russian war crimes in Ukraine.

They'll be creating an umbrella group for investigations, training Ukrainian prosecutors and expanding the number of forensic teams operating in Ukraine.

With some 23,000 war crimes investigations now open and different countries heading teams, officials say evidence needs to be credible and organized.

Russia has repeatedly denied involvement in war crimes.