Shahed drones reach Zakarpattia Oblast at night

Russian forces launched several Shahed attack drones from Crimea on mainland Ukraine on the evening of Sunday, 3 December.

Source: Ukraine’s Air Force

Details: At first, the Air Force reported that Russian forces had launched attack drones from Crimea.

The Air Force later clarified that Russian Shahed drones were advancing from Kherson Oblast towards Mykolaiv Oblast. Air-raid warnings were issued in both these oblasts.

Later it was revealed that the Shahed drones were heading towards Kirovohrad Oblast.

Later still, the Air Force reported that a new group of Shahed UAVs in Kherson Oblast was moving towards Mykolaiv Oblast.

After that, a group of Shaheds was detected in Dnipro Oblast, near the settlement of Pavlohrad.

An air-raid warning was subsequently issued in Vinnytsia Oblast, and then in Cherkasy Oblast.

At 23:43, an air-raid warning was also issued in Kyiv Oblast.

"Enemy UAVs on the border of Cherkasy, Vinnytsia and Kyiv Oblasts. The direction of movement is northwest!", the Air Force reported.

Quote from the Air Force: 00.04 "Another group of Shahed drones heading from Kherson Oblast towards Mykolaiv Oblast!"

00.05 "Shahed drones near Kalynivka in Vinnytsia Oblast! Stay in shelters!"

00.14 "Shahed drones on the border of Kharkiv and Poltava Oblast, moving west!"

00.17 "Kryvyi Rih – take cover! Missiles are coming your way!"

00.19 "Shahed drones are in the south of Zhytomyr Oblast! They are moving north!"


Screenshot: 00.44

00.23 "Missiles towards Kropyvnytskyi!"

00.49 "Shahed drones near Khmelnytskyi, moving towards Starokostiantyniv."

00.50 "Enemy drones from Kirovohrad and Poltava oblasts have changed their direction and are moving towards the city of Dnipro."

01.24 "Shahed drones in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast towards the settlement of Pavlohrad. Drones in Cherkasy Oblast are moving to the settlement of Uman!"

01.34. "Shahed drones on the border of Zhytomyr, Khmelnytskyi and Rivne oblasts; [they] are moving [towards] west!"

Скриншот о 2.22
Скриншот о 2.22

Screenshot: о 2.22

02.22 "Lviv and Volyn oblasts, [there is] a threat of using attack UAVs!"

02.49 "Shahed drones moving towards the city of Lviv!

Enemy tactical aircraft are active in the east! There is a threat that airborne weapons might be used."

03.15 "Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast: there is a threat of the use of attack UAVs!"

Скриншот о 3.34
Скриншот о 3.34

Screenshot: о 3.34

More details: At 03.34, an air-raid warning was issued in Zakarpattia Oblast.

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