Russia may seek new targets in upcoming missile strikes, says UA Air Force

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The building of the Mykolaiv State Administration after shelling by Russia on March 29, 2022
The building of the Mykolaiv State Administration after shelling by Russia on March 29, 2022

“They can shell anything they want,” he said.

“They have priority targets, such as government buildings, those of the Armed Forces and the Defense Ministry, i.e. as they call them ‘decision-making centers.’”

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Ihnat explained that it is not only about Kyiv.

“We remember the Kharkiv and Mykolaiv state administrations,” he said, referring to the shelling of those buildings in 2022.

“Therefore, we can expect anything from them [Russians]. We just need to be ready and destroy everything that flies at us. And people should follow safety instructions.”

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Russian invaders may also target transport infrastructure, hydrotechnical facilities, and sewage treatment plants, Ihnat added.

“Everything that can cause grief to people and ecological disaster,” Ihnat said.

“As we can see from the aftermath of the March 9 strike, the enemy keeps trying to attack our energy sector.”

Ukrainian Armed Forces warned of an extremely high missile strike threat on March 13 after Russia moved missile carriers into the Black Sea.

The Ukrainian military’s South Operational Command has also said that Russia is likely preparing another massive missile attack on Ukraine.

Three countrywide air raid alerts were triggered in Ukraine on March 14. At least four Russian anti-radar missiles were shot down by Ukraine’s air defense systems in at least one salvo.

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