Russia mourns victims of deadly mine accident

Emergency workers, who were forced to halt their rescue effort the day before due to the risk of an explosion, brought the bodies of three miners and three rescuers to the surface.

"The number of people getting medical help has gone up as 11 mine-rescuers ended up in hospitals, they are all in our hospital too. One has a head injury, and 10 people have (gas) poisoning." the regional governor Sergei Tsivilyov said.

The Investigative Committee, a body that probes serious crimes, said the detained inspectors had issued a safety certificate for the mine in November but had not actually checked the facility.

The inspectors would be remanded in custody and charged soon, it said in a statement.

Three other people, including the director of the Listvyazhnaya mine and his deputy, were arrested late on Thursday (November 25).

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