Russia has no strategic success in eastern Ukraine, but continues offensives in Lyman-Kupyansk sector

Russian invaders
Russian invaders

The Russians have not achieved any strategic success in eastern Ukraine, but nevertheless are continuing their offensives, Armed Forces spokesman Volodymyr Fitio said on national television on Jan. 28.

Sixteen Russian attacks were repelled in the Kupyansk and Lyman sectors of the eastern front in the past 24 hours.

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"The enemy used 43 kamikaze drones in yesterday's attacks, fired 657 artillery and mortar shells at Ukrainian positions,” Fitio said.

“However, Ukrainian defenders managed to eliminate 267 Russian soldiers and 62 pieces of military equipment.”

Fitio noted that a large number of destroyed equipment typically indicates that the Russians are attempting a major push and probing for weaknesses in the Ukrainian defense lines.

"The Kupyansk direction remains a priority for the enemy,” he said.

“It is trying to continue its offensive near Synkivka and Tabaivka.”

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While Russian activity in the Bakhmut sector lower than in the Lyman-Kupyansk sector, the emphasis may shift.

"We are in control of the situation, our defenders are repulsing the enemy's attacks. The Russian occupiers have no strategic successes".

Earlier, The Russian forces have claimed to have captured the village of Tabaivka in Kharkiv Oblast, but the U.S.-based Institute for the Study of War has no evidence to support this claim, ISW said in its latest report released on Jan. 27.

Analysts for the DeepState Telegram channel, by contrast, have reported that the Russian forces did indeed occupy the village.

The ISW reported on Jan. 21 that Russians had advanced along the Kupyansk-Svatove-Kreminna line and captured Krokhmalne in Kharkiv Oblast. Fitio later confirmed this, saying that the capture of the village had no strategic importance for the front.

According to DeepState, Russian forces have taken Tabaivka and are trying to build on their success towards Pishchane.

“The Lyman operational and tactical grouping is now facing a choice: either risk committing all their reserves to regain lost positions or stabilizing the contact line and gain a foothold on new defensive lines. This is logical and nothing secret has been announced.”

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