Russia prepares to announce mass mobilisation on 9 May - Ukrainian Intelligence


According to Ukrainian intelligence, Russia is preparing to announce a mobilisation on 9 May.

Source: Kyrylo Budanov, Head of the Chief Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, interview with "NV"

Quote: "Russia has already been enacting covert mobilisation and is preparing to announce a mass mobilisation in the near future."

Details: When asked whether Russia plans to announce the mobilisation on 9 May, Budanov said: "Yes, they are preparing."

"Now Rosreserv [Russia’s Federal Agency for State Reserves] has started to check what they actually have in stock and to calculate what they can give out on mobilisation orders. This is an absolutely necessary step before the start of real mobilisation," he explained.

When asked whether the Kremlin's plan is to win in Donbas by 9 May, the head of the Chief Intelligence Directorate said: "That is their goal, but it will not happen, they do not have time. They will not manage to do it."