Russia prepares provocations on Ukraine-Belarus border, intercept shows

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Ukrainian-Belarusian border
Ukrainian-Belarusian border

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“Shady things are happening here too,” says one of the Russian soldiers, who is deployed in Belarus.

“People go to (stage) provocations.”

He explains that the goal is to provoke the Ukrainians, “so that they would attack Belarus.”

He later adds “There are a thousand and a half of us here.”

The soldier also complains about how often they have to move around the country.

“Yet again, we are moving from place to place,” he says.

“Every day, there is a move! We’ve been all over Belarus already. We used to be in this one city, but now we have moved to the border with Poland.”

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In the message, SBU says the audio intercept serves as further proof of Moscow’s continuous attempts to drag Belarus directly into the war against Ukraine.

“Such actions indicate that Russia doesn’t stop trying to draw Belarus directly into the war against Ukraine and does it by any means,” the security service concludes.

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As of mid-March, senior Ukrainian military commanders maintain that the risk of another Russian invasion from Belarus remains low.

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