Russia can produce enough missiles to hit Ukraine 2-3 times over, says MP Kostenko

The work of the Air Defense Forces of Ukraine
The work of the Air Defense Forces of Ukraine

"Not only do I have an idea (about the number of Russia's missiles), but also the exact numbers. Our special services reported the statistics to us. Of course, I can't disclose it, but I can say that Russia possesses sufficient resources to strike us more than two or three times," he believes.

Ukraine needs to replenish its air defence stocks and Ukrainians need to go to shelters when they hear air raid alerts, he said.

"Russia is still capable of terrorising us for a long time. Russia has learned to replenish its stockpiles .... They still can do it despite sanctions that are mainly imposed against big enterprises while others also can assemble them (missiles)... Russia still has the potential. They are able to manufacture missiles - all kinds that they use against us," Kostenko said.

The war won't end soon, he believes.

"We need everything to close our sky, to get fighter jets which will help us. We need to produce our own missiles. We need to do more Shebekino-like raids on the Russian territory so they will experience it. We have a lot to do ahead, but we shouldn't calm down our people saying that "everything will be fine tomorrow." It won't. The victory will be far away until we all stand by, until we switch our economy to military footing, until our military industry works in full stride."

The enemy once again attacked Ukraine with missiles and UAVs overnight on June 4.

Occupying Russian troops launched six missiles and five attack drones on Ukraine from the north, the Air Forces reported. An operational airfield near Kropyvnytskyi in the center of Ukraine, in Kirovohrad Oblast, was struck, as well as an infrastructure facility in Sumy Oblast in the north.

A Russian missile hit two two-storey residential buildings in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast the previous day.

A 2-year-old girl was killed and 22 people were injured, including five children, in the attack.

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