Russia recruits refugees in Lebanon for war in Ukraine


Some Palestinian refugees living in Lebanon have signed up to take part in the war against Ukraine on the Russian side. Recruitment is carried out by activists associated with the Palestinian embassy in Lebanon.

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“Most of the enlisted were born after 1969, as those born after from this point onwards do not have proper registration with the Lebanese authorities, making it easier to travel for the purpose of participating in the conflict as mercenaries,” the article reads.

The Lebanese government doesn’t have the ability to control or track the movement of these recruits. Most Palestinians who signed for the war come from Ein Al-Khalwa – the largest Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon. These individuals reportedly receive a monthly allowance and compensation for their families – in exchange for agreeing to participate in the war against Ukraine.

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The TML’s source claims that Hezbollah participated in the recruitment.

Riad Kahwaji, a prominent Lebanese security and defense academic, told The Media Line that the recruitment of Palestinians from Lebanon is not incomprehensible.

“I do not have specific information on this subject, but I am not surprised that it happened because the situation in the camps is miserable… and there are no jobs for young people,” Kahwaji said.

“Palestinian camps in both Syria and Lebanon have high unemployment, and it is not surprising that these things happen.”

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According to the article, the Palestinian embassy in Lebanon declined to comment on the subject, but added that they have no connection to the war in Ukraine and didn’t encourage Palestinians to participate in it.

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