Russia replacing Ukrainian population in occupied territories by importing 100,000+ Central Asians


In a move reminiscent of the great forced migrations of Stalinist Russia, Russia has shipped over 100,000 Central Asians to the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, Ukraine’s National Resistance Center (NRC) reported on Nov. 29.

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As part of a policy to replace the indigenous population of Ukrainians, Russians are importing migrants from Central Asia into the occupied territories. This is linked to Russians efforts to alter the demographic composition of the population in the temporarily occupied territories, said the NRC.

Stalinist Russia used the same tactic to quash nationalist sentiments within the Soviet Union.

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Most of these Central Asian migrants are employed in construction, but Russians plan to mobilize them in exchange for citizenship.

The increase in the number of migrants in the occupied territories has already led to a deterioration of the criminal situation and the emergence of ethnic criminal groups.

It was previously reported that such “groups” are under the influence of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), which traditionally uses crime to expand its control. Specifically, in southern Donetsk Oblast, criminal groups control the trafficking of weapons and drugs, and engage in “overseeing” passenger transportation.

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